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How to Define Hair Grading System?

As there is no regulating body that controls what can be considered 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A or 10A hair.

One company version of 7A hair may not be the same as another.

However, there are also some suppliers name their 5a hair instead 7a hair, even 8a hair.

Or worse yet, the hair that used to be called “5A” 5 years ago is now called “8A” by the same vendors. In reality, it’s probably the same hair but just an additional “A”.

Overall, every company can define its own hair grading system in order to describe the quality of products. And there is not a universal standard to define hair extension grading.

This is why customers are in big trouble if choosing top quality hair by “A” as a standard.

Why Use Hair Grading System?

There are so many different needs for customers when it comes to buying weave hair.


Hair vendors’ #1 goal is to make clients happy.

Which means they need to give people different options. That’s why they use the hair extension grading system.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with calling your hair a certain grade.

Instead, this hair grading system can help some clients find quickly the hair extensions that will work best for them in their price and need range.


Don't ask us How many A (grade) of your hair. Just remember these following questions:

1. How long years the hair can last for?

2. The hair can be dyed or bleached?

3. The cuticle is alinged or not?

4. The hair ends is full or a little thin?

Any questions about the hair grades, please feel free to contact our service representative. Email: